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Hi there!

Hi there, I'm hoping this is an appropriate community.

My name's Nicole - right now I live in Newport, RI (which is North East / New England for anyone who doesn't know where RI is). My fiancee is in Alton, VA and has been for the past week working. He likes it so much that he's decided to look for a full-time job in the area. He's going to stay there and I'll be moving down in April or May.

Now, what can you all tell me about the area? From what I've heard from him, there's a Wal-Mart somewhere close by, there's Hardee's and Sonic (which we don't have around here!!), and they play Bingo Sundays at the VFW and Wednesdays at the American Legion. Oh, and, that particular town is about an hour North of Durham, NC.

Sooooo, tell me about VA! What's it like? What can I expect? What is there to do? to see? What's the job market like? Any schools (colleges / universities, community college, cosmetology school) in the area? Any bars or clubs? What's the music scene (is there any place to see live bands?) like?

From the map I looked at, we figure we'd be anywhere within a half-hour or so of Alton... Danville has a Craig's List, but it's not very active.

So, help a New England girl out! And, point me in the right direction of some local communities.

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