Southwest Virginians

Southwest Virginia
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This is a community for everyone who lives in southwest virginia or those who love the area.

If you came to this community because of one of the interests listed below, those are:
-people from this area that you may have heard of
-schools & mascots from this area

If you would like to be a part of the following list, comment to THIS POST.

Buchanan County
mandikelly, 21
necr_opheilia, 22

Dickenson County
anubis_poet, 21
emptygirl, 27
j_nowlin, 23

Henry County
freakychicken, 22

Lee County
bigjoes, 32
queenofthanite, 27

Montgomery County
blu_elf, 27
tbyronk, 39
ryver, 26

Roanoke County
aisling_merrow, 23
jennlew, 17

Russell County
curlydramaqueen, 23

Tazewell County
ambagruve, 23

Wise County
helblindi, 30
joni_lynne, 23
_kms, 17
manda98, 25
_morbidfaith, 18
fuckyou, 20
j_nowlin, 23
pv_grad03, 19
robinsky, 22
_shyness_, 14
x0_dncjsb_0x, 16

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